About Us

If you look at the map of Ireland you will find, between Achill Island and Belmullet Peninsula, a small little headland in the shape of Spain.

This north-western edge of Europe is the location of a tiny workshop where three women are individually crafting some exquisite garments out of a most amazing natural material. We proudly use the highest standards; from sourcing the wool for making the material, carefully making each individual garment to the last finishing details.

Our Focus

We work with the finest merino fibres on the market today, which enables us to produce a material that can be worn next to the skin even by the most sensitive people.

Our designs focus on the human body and it’s daily needs in freedom of movement and adaptability to any situation. The human body comes in many shapes and is beautiful in it’s individual uniqueness.

With our garments we want people to feel good in their bodies. And support them in whatever they do.

The Human Body

Our skin is the interface between us and the environment. Touch is the first sense to develop when we are born, and the last to die. The human body is one big touch receptor. Skin is the most sensitive receptor: each follicle contains a nerve ending, and there are about five million on the average human body.

Our body tries to maintain an even temperature. We love warmth – fire makes us happy – yet we can easily overheat.

Our body temperature is determined by receptors responsive to the feel or touch of the atmosphere around us.

Merino Fleece