I just wanted to let you know I bought one of these sweaters in 2009 at the Volvo Yacht Race in Galway. It was the red one with the GREEN DRAGON logo on the side. I have LOVED this sweater so much over the years. It was worth every euro I spent! I kept thinking I would find these commercially available over the years, but I finally decided to check out the tag in mine, and I found your website. I am very excited to have another one and am sure I will wear it to death. It seems whether I am in Oregon, Southern California, on a flight, or here in Europe, it is perfect! Really, you all make a great product. BTW, do you sell these or ship to the US? I am moving back in the summer and wanted to know before I go.

L.H. Belgium

Thank you, the parcel arrived very quickly. I am delighted with the coat, hat and pullover. May the weather be as cold as cold. I will keep warm. Hurrah for Fastnet.

J.C. from Kent

As I'm typing this I'm in bed and I've got my Doris leg warmers on (they are supposed to be for your arms but they work great on my feet in bed!). They reminded me how much I love your stuff and how warm and cosy it is and how glad I am that I have it to keep me warm in Ireland. I think the government should give grants to everyone for Doris gear!

S. McP.

I have been around the world many times and I have also tested a variety of kit designed to keep you warm, but I can say Fastnet kit has been fantastic, it really made a difference on the longest leg from China to Rio. It was freezing in China when we left, and then again as we rounded Cape Horn. The base layer really kept the core temperature up and the balaclava meant that our heads, which are often the most exposed part were kept warm.

Damian Foxall (Irish Sailor of the Year 2009)

First Endurance Test for the red Super-Coat! Christmas markets in frost and snow and I could scream with happiness about this coat.Never mind the envious glances from other women. Have a nice weekend.

U.T. Germany

Hi Doris, Tina and Mary: I have just purchased one of your merino coats from the Irish Shop in Toronto,Canada. I love it! It is so stylish, so warm and so comforting to wear. I was so thrilled to read the tag that came with it telling about your company and how the three of you sing Irish songs while you are working! Thank you for making me a coat that I know I will treasure for years!

Sincerely, Frances Cameron

Dear Doris, thank you so much for your prompt reply. Without being sycophantic - I must tell you something - and that is how much I love your clothes. I have 2 of the large oversized roll neck fleeces. I can honestly say that after 3 years I still feel just great in these tops and they have brought me such pleasure. They are my all time favorites I never have had a garment that has made me feel so good, confident and happy and that attracts no end of compliments. If I could only keep one thing in my wardrobe it would be this fleece. I am a down to earth Yorkshire woman and I speak as I find so I felt that needed to be said!

Every blessing from sunny Yorkshire H.L.

If we humans were to evolve to grow a natural fur, I am sure it would be like this material. I feel almost naked in it, yet miraculously protected, like a mystical cloak.

B. B. California

For the first time in my life I am able to wear wool next to my skin. And not only that, it's so cozy, comforting and light I don't want to take it off anymore. Thank you.

S. Moeller, Germany

I took my merino fleece sweater with me around the world, the one thing I would not go without. Never too cold or too warm. Can't even remember what I wore before.

R. P. Co. Cork

I wore my long outfit to a theater reception. I got so many compliments a n d was as cozy as a bug - inside in the heated hall as much as outside in the draft. I am so glad such clothes exist.

H. v. P. Holland

Out on a shore walk we got surprised by a heavy shower. I got an even bigger surprise to find that I had remained dry inside my merino fleece sweater!

S.G. Connemara

Wearing my merino fleece jacket is the tangible equivalent to listening to the sweetest music or eating chocolate mousse, yummy!

J. B. Co. Clare

I don't know what this material exactly did to me. I seem to enjoy being me and having a body so much more. Somehow I feel safer.

S. C. Sligo

I am getting far more hugs since I am wearing my (merino-fleece) sweater! Thanks.

M. T. Galway

I took my merino-fleece sweater with me when I went skiing. After I sweated in it I found sheets of frozen moisture outside on the back of my sweater. My body was still warm and dry! This amazing material had transported the humidity outside. Can't tell you how pleased I am with this garment.

L. S. Dublin

I feel my most authentic self in this wonderful ‘little red dress’

T. H. Portumna