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21. 01. 2010

My friend Bernd brought your merino fleece vests for myself and my wife to try them out.
I am so taken by this product that I am wearing it on my dogsled-tours.
Your product seem like an absolute must for mushers for the long-distance runs here in northern norway.
It’s a pity your product is not known and I would recommend that you look after all the mushers worldwide !
During my last training at minus 30 degree I did not fel any cold on my body, thanks to your product.
That’s why I would like to ask you if it would be possible if you could make some leggings and balaklawas for me.

In march I will take part in the longest and most northerly dogsled-run, the Finnmarkssloped.

07. 03. 2010

Hey Doris !

A Thousend Thanks for your fantastic products.
Really much too nice and exclusive for such a tour, but as I already experienced through the ‘shirt’, they create an absolute well-being at lowest temperatures.
For days the wate-rsupply has been frozen, in spite of the warming cables in the pipes. Perhaps we should try to wrap the pipes in your products, a funny thought that will make the plumbers ponder.
Tomorrow I am heading 350km north to the Finmark, And on Saturday at 12 noon I will embark on the 500km long journey and I hope my dogs (Alsaskans) will be ok.
I don’t need to worry about myself, as my ‘fur’ is at least as good as theirs.
When I am back, I hope to be able to send you some spektacular pictures.

With kind regards from the
70th degree of latitude

Wolfgang Simon-Nilsen

02. 05. 2010

Hello Doris !
Time flies, it’s already May, which supposed to be the begin of summer, but for us northern Europeans there seems to be an exemption.
Yesterday, on the 1st of May I have been in the mountains with the sled. We still have 30 cm of snow at sea-level and n the mountains we talk about several meters!
For a musher this is normally good, but during the summer some things need to be fixed and prepared for the next season, therefore it would be quiet good if the temperatures would move a little above Zero.
The winter-season is particularly long this year, which is taxing.

Here a little report about the testing of your products:
OK, it could well be that I am able to cope with cold temperatures well, even my fellow-mushers confirm this, but how can you explain otherwise that I sweat when I stand on the sled at minus 25 Degree ?? !
In this “Packaging” I can only recommend to be passive.

My principle of dressing is as follows:
First layer:
Brynje boxershorts,
Fastnet merino fleece men’s vest,
Fastnet merino fleece leggings
Second layer:
A very thin high-necked woolen sweater
with zip
Third layer: Fastnet merino fleece Hoody,
(and if really necessary fleece leggings over the fastnet merino fleece leggings)
Fourth layer: Arcteryx-Trousers and Skookumbrand Anorak

In the mountain it is required to run along and to help the dogs, which causes a lot of sweating. The beautiful thing about your products is that they neither feel damp on the skin nor do they get cold !
I also wore your products directly on the skin under the wet-suit while paddling in the sea kayak with a result that I have been sweating at a water-temperatur of minus 2 Degree !

My well-seasoned musher-friends, male and female, were all jealous about the soft quality with which I wrapped my body . . .

To make it short: I can’t imagine my clothing repertoire without your products. I will be in touch for the next season, you might let the sheep know.
Specially the hoody is my favorite.
I just pull it over my head when there is a cold wind from behind, and the back of my neck stays warm, basta!

I hope you will have much success with your products, I surely tested them at temperatures down to minus 44 degree and felt very comfortable!

Enclosed a few pictures, more on my website

Kind regards,
Wolfgang Simon-Nilson