Ocean Race

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Padraig the bear

You can read more about Padraig the bears journey on his website here.

hi from southern ocean onboard green dragon

Dear Doris,

We are currently 660 miles from Cape Horn sailing at 53 degrees South. I have just come off watch wearing my Fastnet balaclava and I was thinking of you and your company. Several of the guys are wearing your products including the socks and vest. The jumpers are popular too. I wil try and e-mail a photo of me at the wheel in the balaclava if I get a chance. We are scheduled to round Cape Horn tomorrow evening on St Patricks Day amazingly enough.

Thanks again for your support of the Green Dragon team and I look forward to seeing you in Galway in May.

Best regards,

Ian Walker
Skipper - Green Dragon

Green Dragon - Fastnet Balaclava

Iam Walker - Fastnet Balaclava

Iam Walker, Skipper - Fastnet Balaclava